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Misleading False Advertising Carter Eyecenter

Misleading False Advertising Carter Eyecenter9/26/2007

I went to the Carter Eye center after hearing about their Price Guarantee. What a Ripoff that is. there are a ton of rules and things you have to follow and the end result is there is just no such thing.
1. It says Advertisments will not be acceped as competitors price quote. which means in order to get a price quote you have to actually go to the competitor and go through all the hassle of getting tested just to bring it to Dr. Carter.  Yeah right. Like anyone is going to do that.
2. It says they will honor price quotes for equal technology, Well considering that Carter eye Center uses the old blade lasik and most others use a better technology it is impossible to get a comparable quote.
3 If Carter Eye Center cannot match the quote you will get a 50 Dollar optical voucher?  What kind of crap is that?  lets see,  They have a gurantee that is not a gurantee at all but if they cannot match a competitors price you get a 50 dollar voucher?  These people are crazy. That is blantant false Advertising.
THere should be an investigation by the state of Texas or something, this is worse than what the Used car dealers would pull in the past. Talk about Shady.
They wasted a lot of my time.
Pissed off in Texas.

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